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Body Contouring Options in Phoenix

There are many things that can cause changes to your body. Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth, and aging can have effects that are everywhere from subtle to more drastic. While change isn’t always bad, many people are looking for ways to help them achieve a shape that makes them feel confident and bold.

At Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, we can help you target some of those stubborn areas that may be causing you to hesitate to wear what you want. With our body contouring in Phoenix, AZ, you can get the boost you need to confidently pull out those short shorts or finally slip into your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans. 

What Is Body Contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is a service that helps to reduce fat, build muscle, tighten skin, and more. Because the ideal body shape can be something different for each of our patients, we offer many different services and treatments that can help you with your individual goals. Our aim is to help you embrace your body and to point you toward services that will enhance your natural shape and promote your beauty and wellness, inside and out. 

What Can Body Contouring Help Address? 


When summer arrives, many people think twice about wearing their swimsuit or shorts because of cellulite. While cellulite is natural and harmless, it makes many people feel self-conscious. Rather than spend money on creams that don’t work, we can help address the root of the problem with our body contouring devices. 

Cellulite can be a complex problem because it is often determined by genetics and it can even happen in individuals who are thin. As much as 90% of all women have some amount of cellulite while the number for men is less than 10%. 

Cellulite is caused when the fibers connecting the skin to the muscle are tight. This can cause fat underneath the surface of the skin to dimple, leading to the uneven texture. EMTONE™ is a device that is specifically designed to help reduce cellulite through the combination of radiofrequency energy and targeted pressure energy. ZWave targets cellulite with Radial Pulse Therapy and can help firm the skin and reduce stretch marks. Other body contouring devices such as the EMSCULPT NEO® can also offer cellulite-reducing benefits. 

Loose or Saggy Skin

As your skin ages, laxity can increase causing it to have a looser texture. This is a normal aging process that can happen anywhere on the body. This results from a loss of collagen production in the body and it can happen with many people who have had weight loss, pregnancy, or stretch marks. If you are interested in a non invasive body contouring service to help tighten your skin, there are many options for you to choose from. Some devices are primarily focused on tightening the skin such as Exilis® RF and SkinTyte®.

Exilis RF uses radio frequency to encourage collagen production in the skin. SkinTyte uses infrared energy which produces a similar effect. When your body produces more collagen and elastin in response to the treatments, your skin can tighten and feel much more elastic. These body contouring treatments are a good way to use your body’s natural healing ability to improve the health and texture of your skin. 

Loss of Muscle Tone

Many women experience ab separation, loss of abdominal muscle tone, and pelvic floor weakness due to pregnancy. Other people want to help jumpstart their workout routines by seeking out muscle-building body contouring treatments. EMSCULPT NEO® can be a great solution for anyone in these situations and more. 

EMSCULPT NEO uses two simultaneous treatments to build muscle and burn fat. High-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) stimulates muscular contractions, strengthening and toning muscles. It can stimulate up to 20,000 contractions in just one 30-minute session. This device can be used on many different areas including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and more. 

Excess Fat

In addition to its muscle-building properties, the EMSCULPT NEO also uses radiofrequency energy to help kill fat cells in the target area. The RF energy heats up fat cells to a specific temperature that results in fat cell death without damaging your skin. Fat cells are then absorbed by the body. In just one session, you can achieve up to 30% less fat in the treatment area. 

Exilis RF, and ZWave can also help to reduce fat. If you have stubborn fat in your body that isn’t responding to a healthy diet and exercise, any of these non surgical body contouring devices could be the right option to help with stubborn fat in areas such as the stomach, legs, arms, and back. 

Your Body Contouring Consultation

Your first step will be a consultation to help determine the right treatment for you. We are proud to offer Styku® 3D body imaging which can give you an accurate picture of your current body shape and profile, help you set realistic and individualized goals, and allow you to see your body contouring before and after. We can use this technology at our consultation, and we will spend time talking with you about your expectations and hopes for your non-invasive body contouring treatment.

Body Contouring in Phoenix, AZ

At Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, we are excited to help you with your goals. We love to support our patients in their journey to health and fitness by offering many different body contouring services in Phoenix, AZ. From your non-surgical body contouring treatment to your before and after photos, we offer state-of-the-art treatments that will help you meet your goals without incisions or long downtimes. Call us today to set up your consultation. 


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