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Say Goodbye to Eye Bags: Discover the Benefits of Agnes RF Treatment

As you age, your skin starts to change. These changes may include loose skin on various areas of your face. One particular area is under your eyes. When you develop bags under your eyes, it can give you a tired appearance. While this cannot be avoided as you get older, you can effectively treat it. You have likely tried over-the-counter skin tightening topical treatments that make bold promises but leave you looking for the effects. Thankfully, there is an alternative solution that uses advanced technology to achieve optimal results and give your face an overall refreshed look. Agnes RF is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that targets many skin concerns, including bags under your eyes. 

At Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, we are proud to offer this revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetic treatments. If you want to know more about Agnes RF and how it can reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, contact us to schedule a consultation.

What Is Agnes RF? 

Agnes RF is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can effectively address many skin concerns, such as neck and jowl fat, bra fat, double chin, acne, blackheads, and bags under your eyes. This device offers your skin a more youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of bags under your eyes.

The Agnes RF Facial uses advanced radiofrequency-enabled microneedling to effectively address loose skin under your eyes. The device stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve the overall health of your skin from the inside out. This results in long-lasting, natural-looking effects that require minimal downtime. In addition, the procedure causes minimal discomfort. Treatments are fully customizable and suitable for most people.

How Does Agnes RF Work? 

The Agnes RF uses radiofrequency energy and microneedling to tighten the skin under your eyes. Microneedling involves ultrafine gold-tipped needles that create micro-wounds in your skin. The radiofrequency energy is able to reach the deeper layers of your skin to address your skin concerns from the inside. 

This process stimulates collagen and elastin production to achieve long-lasting results. The treatment does not cause damage to the surrounding skin or tissue. This is due to the size of the needles and the precision of the Agnes RF device. The device allows us to control how much radiofrequency energy is released, so we only treat the target area. 

The Agnes RF Procedure 

Before we begin your treatment, we will apply a topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort you may feel during the process. The target area is cleared and cleansed of any skincare products and impurities. We will also remove any excess sebum from your follicles. Once the target area is clean, we can begin the Agnes RF treatment. 

How Long Is an Agnes RF Treatment Session? 

The duration of your treatment will depend on the condition of your skin. However, treatment sessions typically take 1-2 hours to complete. This is done as an in-office treatment. 

Recovering From Agnes RF

One of the great advantages of Agnes RF is that you don’t need to schedule much downtime after your treatment. You can continue with your normal daily activities right after your procedure. We recommend you avoid using any topical products that may cause infection for a few days. Other than that, you will be able to get back to work and drive as usual. 

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Agnes RF Treatments? 

Because radiofrequency does not interact with the surface of your skin, Agnes RF can be used for most skin types and skin tones. It is suitable for all genders and all ages too. The treatment is highly effective and very precise when delivering radiofrequency energy. 

It focuses on the treatment area and does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissue. The microneedles also only penetrate a few millimeters of skin. Therefore, they do not cause any bleeding or damage to your skin. This makes Agnes RF a low-risk treatment that offers great results for most people looking for a treatment for the bags under their eyes. 

We don’t recommend Agnes RF for anyone that uses a pacemaker, has diabetes, an infectious disease, or is pregnant. Before you have a treatment, you will need to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your suitability. 

Your Initial Consultation 

The purpose of your initial consultation is for us to have a better understanding of what your aesthetic goals are and for you to better understand what Agnes RF can do for you. During this time, we will assess your medical history and current health condition. We will also discuss your skin concerns and desired goals. 

With this information, we can design a tailor-made treatment plan suited to your specific needs and concerns. You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions about the procedure. This will allow you to have realistic expectations and enjoy your treatment. Once we have established your suitability for Agnes RF, we can officially schedule your treatment.

Schedule Your Agnes RF Facial Today 

If you have been looking for an effective solution for the bags under your eyes that does not require surgery, extensive recovery periods, and invasive procedures, Agnes RF is perfect for you. We provide Agnes RF for acne, jowls, and eye bags. This minimally invasive cosmetic treatment offers long-lasting results that will leave your face refreshed and rejuvenated. At Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, we offer Agnes RF. 

To find out more about this advanced treatment, call us at (602) 835-0419 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.


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