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Agnes RF Microneedling for Even, Firm, Youthful Skin

Aging, genetics, and other factors significantly affect your skin’s appearance. Fortunately, there are ways to give yourself a glowing, rejuvenated skin tone and texture.

When you’re ready to discover how Agnes RF could benefit your skin, contact Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ, to schedule an appointment. 

What Is Agnes, and What Does It Treat?

Agnes RF is a cosmetic skin-tightening treatment used to treat several areas of the face and neck. The innovative Agnes RF machine targets and treats many common skin concerns, including:

  1. Skin laxity

  2. Fine lines and wrinkles

  3. Acne

  4. Enlarged pores

  5. Scarring

  6. Volume loss

While you’ve likely heard of microneedling treatments, Agnes RF takes this procedure to a new level. After Agnes RF treatments, you can look forward to tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. 

Among the many uses for Agnes RF, the following are some of the most popular. 

Agnes RF Acne Treatment

Acne is not just for younger people; anyone of any age can struggle with acne and related scarring. While many treatments are available, every patient is different, so battling acne can be overwhelming.

Agnes RF for acne is an effective treatment, even for frustrating cystic acne. 

The tiny needles on the Agnes RF machine pierce the skin to deliver radiofrequency energy to the area below. The machine destroys sebaceous glands, which typically cause recurring acne. Through this process, Agnes RF acne treatment triggers your body’s natural healing response, resulting in smoother, brighter, blemish-free skin. 

Agnes RF Eye Bags Treatment

The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile. With time, this skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. When the skin around the eyes thins, blood vessels may be easier to see, making the under-eye area look darker. 

Agnes RF eye bags treatments boost collagen in the under-eye area, making skin thicker and plumper. This helps the area look smoother and brighter. 

Agnes RF Jowls Treatment

The jawline will begin to show signs of aging as the skin around the area sags, forming jowls. 

With the help of Agnes RF jowls treatment, the skin around the jawline and neck becomes stronger and firmer, making the jawline look more defined. 

How Does Agnes RF Treatment Work?

Agnes RF is a type of microneedling procedure. “RF” stands for radiofrequency, which the machine uses to heat the layers beneath the skin’s surface, causing skin cells to regenerate. The Agnes RF machine also helps trigger more collagen and elastin production.

Collagen is a protein the body naturally produces. While this protein serves many purposes, one of its most important functions is keeping the skin plump and firm. As you age, collagen production slowly begins to decline, causing changes within the skin. 

Elastin is another important protein the body creates. It helps provide strength and elasticity to the skin. Like collagen, aging affects the production of elastin.

As the tiny needles in the Agnes RF machine enter the skin, they emit heat and radiofrequency energy to produce positive changes within. All of these benefits are achieved without damaging the outer layer of the skin. 

What to Expect During an Agnes RF Facial

On the day of your treatment, we’ll start by prepping the skin. This involves cleansing and applying a topical or injectable anesthetic for your comfort throughout the procedure. Once the anesthetic has taken effect and we’ve configured the machine to your specific needs, we can begin. 

You’ll lie comfortably as we move the Agnes RF microneedling handset throughout the entire treatment area. Most patients describe warm, light pressure. Treatment times vary but are typically 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the number and size of targeted areas.

Once your treatment is complete, you’re free to return to your regular daily activities. 

Advantages of Agnes RF

Agnes RF sets itself apart from other types of cosmetic microneedling treatments. Among the many benefits of this procedure, some of the most notable include:

  1. Quick, minimally invasive procedure

  2. Non-surgical treatment

  3. Firmer, more even skin

  4. Lasting results

  5. Little to no downtime

We can completely tailor your Agnes RF facial treatment to meet your needs and aesthetic goals. Patients can enjoy an overall improvement in skin tone and texture, boosting their glow and self-confidence. 

Agnes RF Treatment — Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most commonly asked Agnes RF treatment questions. We’re also happy to address your personal questions and concerns during your appointment. 

Is There Downtime After Agnes RF?

There is no significant downtime after Agnes RF treatment due to the machine’s ability to work under the skin. 

We will provide personalized aftercare recommendations to minimize discomfort and promote quicker healing. 

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of Agnes RF treatments you may need depends on your skin, areas of concern, and goals. We can determine how many treatments would give you the best result. Many patients have one to three treatments spaced about three to six months apart. 

What Can I See Results?

You won’t see immediate results after treatment, as it takes time for the skin to begin changing and benefiting from the procedure. You’ll start to notice changes within a few weeks after your appointment. Final results usually take about four to six weeks after your last treatment. 

Are Results from Agnes RF Long-Lasting?

Yes, while skin is still subject to change with time, results from Agnes RF are long-lasting. 

Smoother, Tighter, Glowing Skin Is Waiting — Schedule Your Agnes RF Appointment Today

Whether you need Agnes RF for acne, eye bags, or jowls, this treatment may help get you one step closer to your dream skin. Contact Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics in Phoenix, AZ, to schedule your appointment


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